The Hefling Family
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  • Only direct line ancestors have a family page.
  • Direct line ancestors are shown on the left side of the page, spouses on the right, regardless of gender.
  • Living descendant details are not listed.
  • Females are listed by maiden name, unless 'unknown'.
  • Words in blue provide a link to another page, or open a pdf in a new window.
  • Each page lists it's creation date. Changes will be indicated underneath by date.
  • How to calcuate your cousin form
  • Create your own pedigree chart
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The Sitemap gives you an instant look of every page on the website. The descendants of William G Hefling are shown in a basic descendant outline format. By clicking on a name will direct you to their page.

Name Directory

This is an alphabetical list of all names currently on this website. By clicking on a name, you will be linked to the primary family page this name appears. Please let me know if a link is incorrect.


Please use this to contact me regarding updates, problems with the website, etc. Thank you.

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