The Hefling Family
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Elmeda Wheeler

Elmeda Wheeler


Elmeda was born in 1876 in Iowa to Elijah Wheeler and Alpharetta Jane Hefling.

Pedigree Chart

Walter Boyles


Walter died about 1902.


Jonathan Dennison

Jonathan died Oct 1953.

Elmeda and Walter were married about 1900. They had two children.

Elmeda and Johnathan were married about 1905. They had two children.

Not confirmed: Believe Elmeda may be buried in the Alder Cemetery, Urbana, Iowa.

The children of Elmeda Wheeler and Walter Boyles:
  1. Leo Boyles
  2. Merl Boyles 

The children of Elmeda Wheeler and Jonathan Dennison:
  1. Lewis Dennison
      Believe Lewis drowned when about 14-16 years old.
  2. Verle Dennison

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