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My grandfather, Virgil James Hefling, was one of of eleven children. When I was a child, we had family reunions every year and we knew each other quite well. As the years went by, the family grew larger and more geographically spread apart. Reunions occurred less frequently and not everyone could attend every time.

I started gathering information for my own purposes in the 1980s -- not knowing my great-grandfather, Robert Jackson Hefling, was one of twelve! Needless to say, I was bitten by the geneaology bug.

I began this site in 2010  with Robert Jackson's parents,
William G Hefling and Elizabeth Vansickle Hefling and their vast descendants. Now, in 2012, I've started working backwards (and sideways) to enter Wm's parents and his siblings. To protect the identities of living descendants, no current generation information will be listed.

While the early information I gathered was via word of mouth, I have tried to verify it through other sources. Please let me know if you see an error or omission.

I hope this site will enable family and friends, near and far, to stay connected. I look forward to sharing our family news and precious memories with you for years to come! Feel free to use the contact page to reach me.

Thanks for visiting!
Terri Houdyshell

Our new family

William Gilispie Hefling and Elizabeth Vansickle Hefling, circa 1850
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